F8- RS Solo Slime Net

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NO NEW NET ORDERS until after 01/01/23. 

The SOLO SLIMER is the smaller cousin to the Muskie Mag net. With a slightly smaller hoop, but with the same depth to make certain those big girls do not escape! This is a great option for musky anglers who find themselves fishing SOLO.

It is constructed to be easier to operate one-handed. We are only offering this with the straight handle, as that is what RS Nets recommends to give you the lightest weight set up possible. You will see a side by side comparison of the Solo slime net and the Musky Mag net. This is just to give you a visual of the size difference. 

Dimensions: 30" W x 36" L x 48" deep 

All Solo slimers are 2" netting. (Hole size in the net) This helps keeps the weight down. 

Handle- Straight 36" , Straight 48", or Straight 60" (We recommend the 48 or 60")

All RS Nets are:

  • Made in the USA, Ohio
  • The bags are latex infused, very fish friendly!
  • All aluminum, which has a 1000hr salt water test
  • Black anodized for longer life
  • Scooped leading edge

 All nets are built to order in at RS Nets in Ohio. Average order is shipped within 5 business days of the order being placed. Thank you. 

*Please choose the correct shipping option at checkout. This rate is for USA only. For a quote on shipping a net to Canada or anywhere out of the USA please contact us for a quote. Thank you