Darn Tough Vermont Socks

First thing first, These socks are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!!! More details below on that.

A short story about what started the mission to make Figureight a Licensed Darn Tough Vermont dealer. The F8 founder is a whitetail bow hunting fanatic, like November is the only month of the year. He was turned onto these socks by his brother and the rest is history. After a few outings, he found these socks changed the game in warmth and comfort from daylight to dark. They wick moisture, provide extra cushion, and made the days much more comfortable. We have all been there, cold feet can ruin any outing. He was also amazed at this feature, this may sound kinda smelly, but it is a true statement - You can wear these socks all day, take them off and let them air dry. The next morning they will have zero smell and feel as if they just came out of the washer. Sometimes when one is hunting or fishing all day, you do not always have time to throw your gear in the washer. These features makes this sock second to none and a must have for all. After discovering this piece of gear, we just knew this was a must for musky anglers and we wanted to bring Darn Tough into our world. At the end of the day, if you do anything outside then you need to have your feet in a pair of Darn Tough Vermont Socks. 

The fact is, these are the most comfortable and durable socks on the planet as far as we are concerned. It is our mission to make Darn Tough socks a staple in the musky world. Most musky anglers are standing hours and hours at a time, these socks will make those long days much easier. One last note that should make this purchase an easy decision- Darn Tough guarantees their socks for life. Yes, you read that correctly. Rock them for years and if you manage to damage these beasts or wear a hole in them, they will be replaced with a new pair. Contact us first and if we have them in stock, we will ship out some new socks once we receive your worn out pair. If we do not have them in stock, we will get you squared away directly through Darn Tough. 
We are 110% confident that you will LOVE Darn Tough Vermont Socks more than any other sock that has ever graced your feet. If you don't like them we will take them back off of your hands....well technically your feet, but you get the point and we will refund you in full. Happy hunting, be it on the water or in the woods.