2nd Annual Battle of the Virginia's Tournament

We are excited to announce the
2nd Annual Battle of the Virginia's Tournament
in 2017 we received a ton of feedback following our Musky in the Mountains Tournament. Asking that we would consider opening it up to both states. As usual, you spoke and we listened! 
TOURNAMENT CODE:______________________
_______"  Mark on the bottom of the board. 

The tournament will be held March 9 & 10, 2019. All waters are open in West Virginia and Virginia. This is a catch and release Tournament.  Points are scored per boat. This is a team event, win as a team, lose as a team. REGISTRATION is at the very bottom of this page. 

This is a cash tournament hosted by Figureight Musky Gear, LLC. Hosting a good tournament takes a few things: Lots of time, planning, energy, and obviously money. With that said, we want to give everyone the best tournament with a fantastic banquet to follow. Transparency is the best policy, so here is roughly what the breakdown looks like from a dollar value.

65% going back to the anglers in the form of money and trophies. 5% will be donated to the Trooper Eric Workman Foundation. That leaves 30% for all of the costs such as Food for 80 - 10 people, Venue, shirts, banners, the music, etc. We do not go into a tournament to make money, but we are a business and we are not looking to go in the hole on a tournament either. Our goal is to host one hell of a musky tournament and for everyone to go home saying "That was a blast and I can't wait until next year" 

THE TOURNAMENT AT A GLANCE: Top three teams will receive money and trophies. Big Fish Award. 1st place Team $3,000,  2nd place $2000, 3rd Place $1500. (*Payout based on a field of 50 teams. More or less, the payout will be adjusted accordingly.) 

The tournament will kick off on Saturday March 9 at 7 AM and go to 6 PM. Sunday March 10 fishing will resume at 7 AM and end at 12 noon. Any photo time stamped outside of these time frames will be a DQ on that fish. 

We will have one code for each day. Saturday will have a code, which we will announce Friday night March 8. The code for Sunday will be released on Saturday night. 

On Sunday March 10 The banquet/check in will be held from 3PM - 6PM at Weathered Ground Brewery located at 2027 Flat Top Rd, Ghent, WV.  If you have not visited Weathered Ground before, you are in for a treat! Catering choices are still being discussed, but we can assure you everyone will eat well.

We have also booked Caleb Mabry as our musical guest. If that name rings a bell, it is because he played for us at the 2nd annual Musky in the Mountains, presented by Bondy Bait Co.  We are happy to have him back all the way from Kentucky. 



 As you can see we have a really good event planned and we hope you can make it. Musky in the bag or a skunk, it will be a fun weekend in the Virginia's for the musky community. 


  • 2 anglers max per boat. 2 Rods/2 baits in the water at one time per boat. You can have other rods in the boat, but only two active rods in the water. You can fish solo, but you will be against the teams. Anglers can fish from the bank, a kayak, a boat etc. But the team members must be together while fishing. That is the reason for  the shared bump board. We are just doing everything we possibly can to keep everyone on a level playing field, and fair as possible.  
  • One bump board shared per team. This is important later, as we will be mailing out a sticker that goes on each bump board, and on a specific inch mark of the board. The placement will be announced the same time as the tournament code. You need to bring your bump board with you to check in, especially if you think you have placed top 5. Tournament code will be sent out via email, posted to the Figureight Musky Gear Facebook Page, and also posted here on the website at the very top of this page. If you are unable to find the code or sticker location, CALL Brandon for the information. 
  • The Bump board- The bump board must have one end closed off for the muskies nose to be against. It can be a homemade board, (We recommend a board from Muskie Bumper or order a custom F8 board here on our site which is made for us by Muskie Bumper.) Again you do have to bring the board to check in with you. (If you decide to do an electronic check in, we will post details on how to confirm the bump board being true measurements.) We will look for the sticker and measure your board to confirm it is 100% legit. We like to think most are honest, but people do crazy things when money is involved.
  • #1 - Photo of the angler with the musky and the tournament CODE TOGETHER. NO EXCEPTIONS made. Fair is fair, these are the rules. Don't ask for an exception.
  • #2 - Photo of the fish on the bump board from head to tail, WITH THE CODE in the photo. NO EXCEPTIONS made. Tail pinch is legal.  If one inch of the muskies head or tail is not in the photo, it is a DQ on that fish. No exceptions. Period, this rule WILL NOT be flexible at all. We are trying to make the rules clear to avoid any issues. 
  • *Any photos timestamped after tournament hours is a DQ. 
  • Casting and Trolling are both allowed. No live bait.
  •  Scoring will be on a points system. 10 Points for a 30 inch musky. For every 1/4" after the first 30 inches, you will get 1 additional point.. Example, a 35 inch fish would yield 30 points. A 35 1/4" musky would yield 36 points. Any water in West Virginia or VA is open for fishing. You DO NOT have to be a WV or VA resident to enter.
  • A phone call or photo text check in will be an option for those who do not want to make the drive to Ghent. Please call in your musky as soon as you release if you can. So either way, please CALL IN your fish asap. This will save both parties a possible headache if any time lines are missed.
  • We would also like to ask anyone that catches a musky to call it in ASAP. Call Brandon at 304.860.0420.  After the call, please text both photos required. We will NOT share these prior to the banquet. However, we would like to have some tournament photos on display during the banquet. They will be displayed on a TV inside. So the sooner you can get the photos to us the better! Thanks!
  • Entry to Weathered Ground, food, non-alcoholic drinks, live entertainment from Caleb Mabry, and T shirts are all included with every entry fee. T shirts will be available for pickup at the banquet. If you do not attend the banquet, and want your shirts mailed it will be $5 shipping. PLEASE try to attend. We put a ton of work into hosting a great banquet. At the end of the day, this is half the fun. Come out and tell musky war stories with good company, eat some fantastic Italian food from Padrino's Italian Restaurant, and listen to Caleb Mabry jam it out! 

 Enter the tournament  below.  P when you checkout, along with the shirt sizes. LEASE MAKE CERTAIN you enter both team members full names in the comment section

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at The F8 - 2nd Annual Battle of the Virginia's. Tight lines and may the musky find their way to your bags! See everyone March 10.  Scroll on down to register. 

-Brandon, Amber, & Hayes -  F8 Musky Gear, LLC.