Mountaineer Musky Jam

The 1st Annual Mountaineer Musky Jam - 3 WV lakes - Stonewall Jackson, Stonecoal, and Burnsville. *Note- Stonecoal does have a 9.9HP restriction. 

Event is May 14, 15 , & 16, 2021. Fishing is the 15 & 16, but that Friday evening the 14th we will have an in person mandatory captains meeting at Stonewall.  This is an event we have been wanting to throw for years and 2021 this "WV MEGA" tournament is becoming a reality. Cut off for early registration is March 27. After that the fee goes up $100 and the final cut off date to register at all is April 10. Early registration is encouraged and really helps us plan better and insure a smooth event. 

Rules and more details to come. But they will be almost the same as any of our previous tournaments. Few differences- We will have captains meeting and designated take offs at each lake. Captains meeting will be Friday May 14 at Stonewall, which is mandatory so please work that out with your travel/work plans. This will probably take place at 5pm.  As far as points, it will be like all of our other tournaments. 10" for a 30" musky, one additional point per 1/4" after 30 inches. Photo with the angler and code for the day, and also a bump board photo. The bump board photo will not need a code, just the sticker color of the day visible. Please remove all other stickers from your bump board from any previous tournaments. 

Fishing hours: Saturday 8AM - 5PM

Fishing hours: Sunday 7:30AM - 1:30PM 

You have to remain on the same lake each day. You can switch lakes Day 2 if you wish. But whichever lake you start on for a day, you must finish the day out on that lake. We will have people at each take off to check your boat number off at take off and return. At the end of day 1 we will have a check in/day 1 leader board and catered dinner inside the main lodge at Stone Wall Resort. The food is covered in the entry. This will be a big meal, we assure you that you will not be leaving hungry Saturday evening. Entry will also get both team members tournament t shirts. 

Entry is $800 per boat. Two person teams only, no single man teams for this one. Pay to play in this one! And this is why, here is a look at the payout! *Based on 100 boats. We will cap this event and consider it full at 100 boats/teams. Example, if we end up with 70 boats, the payout will be 70% of each amount listed below, so 1st place would be $11,250 and so on down the list to 10th. 

1st $15,000

2nd $12,000

3rd $10,000

4th $7,600

5th $5,000

6th $4,000

7th $3,200

8th $2,800

9th $2,400

10th $2,000

BIG FISH BONUS $200 each day

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please list FULL NAME of both anglers in the ADDITIONAL COMMENTS section as you go to the checkout page, or one angler if you are fishing solo. Also list the shirt size for each team member.