2nd Annual Musky in the Mountains Tournament





Entry Fee is $200 Per Boat. 2 anglers max per boat. Early registration will be over August 30. After that the registration fee will go to $250 Per boat. The final cut off date to register will be September 26, 2018.



As of 9:00PM September 28th, the tournament code and bump board sticker location will be named just below:

Sticker location is on the bottom of the board, covering the _______________ mark.

CODE/KEY: _____________




We are also proud to partner with the following sponsors to make this tournament a success here in the mountain state. A BIG THANK YOU to:


(More info below, check out all of the tournament sponsors and keep scrolling!) 











































































2017 Musky in the Mountains winning fish. 1st Place & Big fish. 

Angler: Jason Ritchie   Net Man: Darrel Seasor

* Caught on a Bondy Bait Co. jiggin bait


Check back for more details and updates as we get closer to the tournament.  

Here is a look at what this event will look like
Lengthy, but please take the time to read this: 
Rules and Regs -
2 anglers max per boat. 2 Rods/2 baits in the water at one time per boat. No umbrella rigs or any other creative way to run multiple baits on a rod. You can have other rods in the boat, but only two active rods in the water. You can fish solo, but you will be against the teams. Anglers can fish from the bank, a kayak, a boat etc. But the team members must be together while fishing. That is the reason for  the shared bump board. We are just doing everything we possibly can to keep everyone on a level playing field, and fair as possible. This would keep teams from possibly using 2 boats and covering twice the water. 
  • One bump board shared per team. This is important later, as we will be mailing out a sticker that goes on each bump board, and on a specific inch mark of the board. The placement will be announced the same time as the tournament code. Friday September 28, we will go Live on Facebook about 830 PM. You need to BRING YOUR bump board with you to check in, especially if you think you have placed top 5. Tournament code will be sent out via email, posted to the Figureight Musky Gear Facebook Page, and also posted here on the website at the very top of this page. 
  • The Bump board- The bump board must have one end closed off for the muskies nose to be against. It can be a homemade board, (We recommend a board from Muskie Bumper or order a custom F8 board here on our site which is made for us by Muskie Bumper.) Again you do have to bring the board to check in with you. (If you decide to do an electronic check in, we will post details on how to confirm the bump board being true measurements.) We will look for the sticker and measure your board to confirm it is 100% legit. We like to think most are honest, but people do crazy things when money is involved. 


  • PHOTO #1 - of the angler with the musky and the tournament code together. NO EXCEPTIONS made. 
  • PHOTO #2 - of the fish on the bump board with the code, from head to tail. NO EXCEPTIONS made. Tail pinch is legal. ALL of the musky and the code visible in one photo. If ONE INCH of the muskies head or tail is not in the photo, it is a DQ on that fish. NO exceptions. Period, this rule WILL NOT be flexible at all. We are trying to make the rules clear to avoid any issues. 
  • So in short- 2 photos of EACH musky. One on the board with the code visible. Another photo of the angler with the fish, and the code visible once again. 
  • Casting and Trolling are both allowed. No live bait. Again, only 2 rods in the water, trolling included. 
  •  Scoring will be on a points system. 10 Points for a 30 inch musky. For every 1/4" after the first 30 inches, you will get 1 additional point.. Example, a 35 inch fish would yield 30 points. A 35 1/4" musky would yield 36 points. Size matters, example 44" = 66 points, 50" musky = 90 points! Any water in West Virginia is open for fishing. You DO NOT have to be a WV resident to enter. Make a road trip and come fish the Mountain State!
  • You do have to be INSIDE the state lines of West Virginia. We are getting several inquiries about the Potomac River. The Potomac makes part of our state line, so that section would be legal, or any section that runs inside of the state. To insure everyone stays in state lines, please have your "location services" turned on your cell phone settings. This should stamp your location on all photos taken. This will only be reviewed if you place and will only be seen by the judges.  Again, we think 99% of people are honest, but we are just trying to cover all bases to avoid any issues or unnecessary drama.
  • Entry Fee is $200 Per Boat. 2 anglers max per boat. Early registration will be over August 30. After that the registration fee will go to $250 Per boat. The final cut off date to register will be September 26.
  • By popular demand, this year we went to a 2 day tournament, with fishing kicking off at daylight on Saturday. Saturday fishing hours:  Daylight - 6 PM.  Sunday Fishing hours: Daylight - 12PM. (All photos must be stamped prior to each days quiting times.)   We will have an exact time for "daylight" as we get a few days out from September 29.
  • Check in and banquet will be at Stonewall Resort at Stonewall Jackson Lake. The food will once again be catered by Ridge View BBQ. Everyone loved the food last year, so we have hired them up this year as well! 

  • An email/Facebook photo check in will be an option for those who do not want to make the drive to the check in. Either way you check in, the photo must be stamped within legal fishing hours of the tournament   Please email photos to FigureightGear@Gmail.com, or send them in a Facebook message to Brandon Lilly. Text is also an option, 304.860.0420. 
  • We would also like to ask anyone that catches a musky, to email them, Facebook message them, or text them to 304.860.0420. We will NOT share these prior to the banquet. However, we would like to have some tournament photos on display during the banquet. They will be displayed on a TV inside. So the sooner you can get the photos to us the better.
  • Lets talk cash money! We like to be transparent and open. Here is the money breakdown. 65% paid back to the anglers. 5% Donated to the Trooper Eric Workman Foundation. The remaining 30% is used to host the best tournament and banquet that we possibly can. Feeding 100 hungry musky hunters is not cheap, plus venue, band, banners, trophies, supplies, etc. We do not host tournaments to make a bunch of money, (as a select few seemed to think) but we are a business and do not want to go in the hole on a tournament either. Cash payout and trophies to top 3 Teams. Payout will be as follows (Based on a full field of 50 teams. Last year we had 43, so we think that 50 will happen this year!) : 1st Place- $3000  2nd Place- $2000  3rd Place - $1500.  4th and 5th place teams will receive trophies. A BIG fish trophy will also be given out, which is the longest musky caught. Note- Big Fish award is to one angler, not the team. So whoever wins that trophy should take their net man to a steak dinner!  *If we exceed 50 teams, the payouts will increase! 
  • Dinner will be included for all entered anglers. Ridge View BBQ will be feeding us again this year, and man is that stuff bangin! 
  • We are going try and run on this time schedule:  
  • 3:00 PM Cut off for physical check in. 
  • 3:00 -3:30 enter raffle drawings/start to eat
  • 4:00 PM finish Eating, finish raffles. 
  • 4:30- Awards
  • 5:00  Raffle Drawings
  • 5:30 Wrap up, send everyone home for a good nights rest! 



Enter the tournament with link below, PLEASE make certain you enter both team members full names in the comment section when you checkout. Also include shirt sizes for each member. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at The 2nd Annual F8 Musky in the Mountains Tournament, presented by Bondy Bait Company.  Tight lines and may the musky find their way to your bags! See everyone September 30 at Stonewall Resort! 

-Brandon, Amber, & Hayes Lilly