F8 Line Cutterz Ring

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We partnered with the awesome folks over at Line Cutterz (Yes the same company that cut a deal on Shark Tank!)  to make this sick ring in our signature black and slime lime.


One of the greatest products to come out in a long time. We all know how tough it can be to cut the heavy braid we use on our prized  Musky rigs. Well look no further, the Line Cutterz Ring will slide through 100lb braid like Buttah!! Power Pro, Cortland, Suffix, whatever your flavor, Line Cutterz can do the job! 

This ring can be worn on your finger, mounted to your rod or boat rail. Cuts taglines, Line to line knots, and more!

F8 Gear is the only musky company with a custom tailored Line Cutterz Ring for us musky nuts! 

Made with German C304 surgical stainless, stainless rivet, and marine grade velcro. 

Want to see it in action taking out 100LB braid.....check it out! Copy and paste this link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e6bj51Vem4